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Sheet No. 70

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 29, Hamered Street
 Tel Aviv
Investment Partnership Program - PPI
The Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) was created to expand and accelerate the transfer between the public sector and private enterprise.
One of the PPI's main objectives is to expand investment and employment opportunities and stimulate technological and industrial development, in harmony with the country's social and economic development goals;
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Israel's Better Juice partners with Brazilian Citrosuco for sugar-reduced juice pilot plant

by: NoCamels team - July 29th, 2019

Israeli startup Better Juice, the food tech firm that seeks to reduce all types of sugar in orange juice with tech, has teamed up with Brazilian-based orange juice and fruit juice producer Citrosuco SA to set up a pilot plant to continue the sugar reduction process, the company announced Monday

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How to invest in Brazil via M&A?

by Capital Invest website

Doing business in Brazil? Do you want to know: Why invest in Brazil? How mergers and acquisitions business practices differ from other countries? What are the main sectors with business opportunities? Advantages of investing in an estabblished firm in Brazil? Challenges of a business acquisition in Brazil? How is the Brazilian M&A Process? What stages of the "Deal Phase" differs from other countries? 
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For Wall Street, Brazil Is Back, Baby!

by Kenneth Rapoza - - July 10th

Brazil is on a tear lately. Its Bovespa Index is the beating all of the emerging markets. It’s all thanks to a once unpopular pension reform bill, which saw hundreds of thousands rally late last month in support of the new president’s push to overhaul Brazil’s teetering public pension system.

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Digital Revolution is Changing the Face of the Brazilian Banking Industry

by Arkady Petrov  - The Rio Times on line - July 15th

For years, the traditional Brazilian banks have been making excessive profits by charging their customers exorbitant fees. This time is about to be over, and bank customers can look forward to being in the driver's seat soon.

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Economy labors through contraction
by: Akrur Barua (India)
Brazil’s economy contracted in Q1 2019. While fiscal stimulus is ruled out due to the poor health of public finances, there is not much monetary policy can do either. Reforms is likely the only way out.
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Intersolar South America 2019

August 27th to 29th, São Paulo

Latin America’s largest exhibition and conference for the solar industry, has a focus on the areas of photovoltaics, PV production and solar thermal technologies. At the accompanying Intersolar South America Conference, renowned experts shed light on hot topics in the industry.

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Brasil LOG 2019

September 11th to 13th, Jundiaí,São Paulo

Brasil LOG brings together about 50 exhibitors from all sectors that encompass the logistics universe, from specialized labor to cargo handling and other services. It is one of the few fairs in this sector to involve different niches in this market.
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