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June Newsletter 

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The Brazilian taxation system - a word to Israeli companies on Import/Export operations

By: Sara A. M. Cohen

  Even though the Brazilian market is in fact attractive, Israeli companies willing to do business in Brazil must organize themselves in many aspects...Read more

Offshoring Software Development with Brazilian Companies
By: Ari Himmelstein

    Software development is no longer the domain of Silicon Valley or Israeli tech start-ups. Its increasingly essential to companies big and small, across all industries and around the world. Read More

פשיטת הרגל הגדולה בהיסטוריה של ברזיל: למפעילת הסלולר אין איך להחזיר 19 מיליארד דולר

By: The Marker

אוי הברזילאית החליפה שישה מנכ"לים בתוך חמש שנים וטוענת כי לא תצליח לשלם לבעלי החוב שלה בחודש הבא, שביקשו מצדם לקבל את השליטה בחברה.  

 קרא עוד

Public Transit App Moovit Launches Official Rio Olympics App, Integrates With Uber Taxis
By:  No Camels

  Israeli app, which provides real-time information on the fastest public transportation routes, has launched an Olympics app in Rio de Janeiro.  Read more

Why the Rio 2016 Games will be completely safe for athletes, participants and spectators

By: Rio 2016

Rio 2016’s chief medical officer explains measures being taken against the zika virus and how studies show the risk of infection is very low.

 Read more

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AgriVest addresses this challenge by bringing together leaders from industry, business, and government in a forum focused on the trends, the inventive solutions from 12 young Israeli agritech companies, and the opportunities that await both the innovators
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OCTOBER  24-27 2016

The Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference, organized by IBP – Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute, is the largest oil and gas event in Latin America, held every two years at Riocentro Convention Center in Rio de Janeiro .

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